HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP)

The Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), administered by Community Resource Initiative. HDAP helps eligible state residents living with HIV to pay for medications and health insurance.

HDAP can help pay for:

  • Out-of-pocket cost of prescriptions drugs, for HIV, Hepatitis C, and other conditions for people living with HIV
  • Private, public, and employer-sponsored health insurance premiums through our Comprehensive Health Insurance Initiative (CHII)

The best way to apply to HDAP is with our electronic portals.

Client Portal

New and existing clients can submit an electronic application. To create an account, contact HDAP at 617-502-1700 Option 1 or To submit an application without an account, simply use the “Submit Application without a Login” button.

Client Portal

Case Manager Portal

Case managers with an account can submit an electronic HDAP application on behalf of clients. For your account information or to request an account, contact HDAP at 617-502-1700 Option 1 or

Case Manager Portal

Houses of Correction Portal

HOC Coordinators/Health Services Administrators with an account can submit an electronic HDAP HOC application on behalf of clients who are incarcerated. For your account information or to request an account, contact the HOC Program at 617-502-1700 Option 1 or

House of Corrections Portal

Additional HDAP Enrollment Information

To be eligible to enroll in the Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program, you must:

Immigration status does not affect eligibility

HDAP enrollees need to recertify in the program every six months to verify ongoing eligibility.
  • If you have been continuously enrolled in HDAP with no gaps in coverage, you can submit a one-page,self-attestation Short Form application once per year
  • You will still need to submit a Long Form application each year, even if you have not had any gaps in HDAP coverage and your information has not changed
  • If you have had a gap in HDAP coverage since you last recertified, you will need to recertify using the Long Form

  1. Fill out the application clearly and completely. We cannot process applications with incomplete or missing information.
  2. For URGENT HDAP coverage requests, please contact HDAP at 617.502.1700 after submitting the application. Please include URGENT processing in the subject line of your email or on your fax cover page and indicate the reason why (e.g. out of medications, newly diagnosed, etc.).
  3. Once we receive your completed application materials, please allow at least two weeks for your application to be processed. Clients will be notified of decisions by mail. Case managers will be notified by secure email.
  4. If you are approved for HDAP coverage and experience any issues picking up or receiving medications from your pharmacy, please call HDAP at 617.502.1700.
  5. Once you are enrolled in HDAP, you will need to recertify your information every six months to stay enrolled in the program.
  6. Pay attention to requests for information or notifications from HDAP staff, especially the Notice of Recertification letter sent to you or your case manager prior to your HDAP termination date. These notices will indicate whether you need to submit the Long Form or Short Form at the time of your recertification.
  7. Please fax an application or other documents only once to 617.502.1703. Please include a cover sheet with any documents you fax. HDAP receives all documents via an electronic system and processes them in the order received. It can take between 24-48 hours before a fax is confirmed as received in our system. If you are concerned that a fax may have been received by HDAP, please call HDAP to confirm 24-48 hours after the fax was sent.
  8. Retain a copy of all applications and documents sent to HDAP. If you sent via fax, include the fax confirmation page with the date, time, and number of pages in your fax. This information can be used to facilitate communication with HDAP regarding your documents.

HDAP has an open formulary and as an HDAP client, we will cover any medication that is prescribed by your physician, except the medications listed below.

  • Specific Exclusions
    • Finasteride (Propecia)-  Approved for prostate disorders only
    • Minoxidil (Rogaine)
  • Class Exclusions
    • Cosmetic Medications
    • Erectile Dysfunction Pharmaceuticals
    • Fertility Drugs
    • Herbal Medications

*Vitamins and pain relievers (e.g. ibuprofen) are covered when prescribed by a physician.

Click here to view this list as a PDF

The HIV Drug Resistance Assay Reimbursement program provides direct reimbursement to healthcare sites for the cost of genotype and virtual phenotype testing for patients living with HIV who are uninsured.

Drug resistance testing is an important tool to measure whether a person’s virus is resistant to antiviral medications. With the help of genotype and phenotype testing, physicians can make an informed and individualized decision about the most effective antiretroviral therapies for each of their patients.

For more information or to enroll in the HIV Drug Resistance Assay Reimbursement program, interested healthcare sites should contact Hellen Gikaria, HDAP Senior Program Manager, at or 617.502.1731 or call Community Resource Initiative’s main number at 617.502.1700.

Meet the HDAP Team

Hellen Gikaria

HDAP Senior Manager

Karen Locascio

HDAP Assistant Manager

Jay Dubois

HDAP Training Specialist

Tamar (Tammy) Meiksin

HDAP Senior Team Lead

Tresa Carrington

HDAP Team Lead

Andrew Brautigan

HDAP Senior Operations Specialist

Thomas (Tommy) Largey

HDAP Enrollment Specialist

Shakti Rovner

IDDAP Client Service Representative

Quinton Wilder

IDDAP Client Service Representative

Maria Fonseca

HDAP Enrollment Specialist

Stephen Corbett

HDAP Enrollment and Consumer Engagement Specialist

Edward Merski

HDAP Senior Enrollment Specialist

Phillip Kwan

HDAP Enrollment Specialist

Thomas (Tom) MacPhee

HDAP Enrollment Specialist

Community Resource Initiative’s Services

Houses of Correction Program

Access to HDAP in Jail

Specifically designed for people living with HIV in county jails throughout the state, this HDAP program pays the full cost of medications for continuity of treatment.

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Tuberculosis Drug Assistance Program

TB medication access

TBDAP expands access to TB treatment by covering the costs of TB medications for patients receiving TB care at designated clinical sites across Massachusetts.

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Insurance Support

Access to health insurance guidance and support

Community Resource Initiative offers hands-on guidance navigating insurance, assistance with enrollment, and help paying for health insurance premiums to ensure ongoing access to comprehensive health care coverage.

Insurance Support

PrEP Drug Assistance Program

Access to PrEP

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), when taken as prescribed prior to sex and/or injection drug use, can significantly reduce the risk of contracting HIV. This program helps cover PrEP costs for eligible clients.

Learn more and get PrEP

nPEP Program

Access to urgent PEP medication

This program helps patients access urgent treatment for HIV exposure to decrease the risk of HIV infection (nPEP). The nPEP Drug Assistance Program covers exposures outside of the workplace.

Access to PEP Medication

Resources and FAQs

Have Questions?

Community Resource Initiative has many resources and helpful information for clients, case managers, social workers, and any other individuals who help those living with HIV access health insurance and drug payment assistance.

Resources and FAQs

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