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With today’s effective medications, people with HIV are living full, healthy lives. But these critical drugs are expensive. Without health insurance, they are out-of-reach for many in need—and even with insurance, co-pays and other related costs can be a barrier.

The Infectious Disease Drug Assistance Programs (IDDAP) make it possible for all eligible Massachusetts residents living with HIV and other infectious diseases to get the drugs and health insurance coverage they need. The IDDAP is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Office of HIV/AIDS, Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences and is administered by Community Resource Initiative.

Community Resource Initiative provides a comprehensive public health response to infectious diseases in Massachusetts by providing access to:

Community Resource Initiative’s Services

HIV Drug Assistance Program

Access to HIV medications

HDAP provides access to life-saving medications and health insurance for people living with HIV in Massachusetts.

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Houses of Correction Program

Access to HDAP in Jail

Specifically designed for people living with HIV in county jails throughout the state, this HDAP program pays the full cost of medications for continuity of treatment.

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Tuberculosis Drug Assistance Program

Tuberculosis medication access

TDAP expands access to Tuberculosis treatment by covering the costs of Tuberculosis medications for patients receiving Tuberculosis care at designated clinical sites across Massachusetts.

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Insurance Support

Access to health insurance guidance and support

Community Resource Initiative offers hands-on guidance navigating insurance, assistance with enrollment, and help paying for health insurance premiums to ensure ongoing access to comprehensive health care coverage.

Insurance Support

PrEP Drug Assistance Program

Access to PrEP

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), when taken as prescribed prior to sex and/or injection drug use, can significantly reduce the risk of contracting HIV. This program helps cover PrEP costs for eligible clients.

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nPEP Program

Access to urgent PEP medication

This program helps patients access urgent treatment for HIV exposure to decrease the risk of HIV infection (nPEP). The nPEP Drug Assistance Program covers exposures outside of the workplace.

Access to PEP Medication

I know several people who are alive today because of the work of {Community Resource Initiative}.

There are countless others who don’t have to worry about insurance or medications because of HDAP. The work you do is tremendous.

Jim Morgrage, co-owner of Club Café

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